The basics of new engineering contract nec regulatory framework

New Engineering Contact NEC The New Engineering Contract NEC is a series of contracts designed to manage a project — particularly a civil engineering project — from start to finish, with the aim of preventing costly disputes.

Nec engineering and construction contract

Characteristics[ edit ] The NEC is a family of standard contracts, each of which has these characteristics: Its use stimulates good management of the relationship between the two parties to the contract and, hence, of the work included in the contract. It is a clear and simple document - using language and a structure which are straightforward and easily understood. Lean Construction Journal, 2, After a series of successful NEC3 projects in the region, the Hong Kong government announced in November that the NEC contract suite will be used for all future public works projects as far as practicable. The clauses of these options have been be adapted for simpler less risky work short contracts , for use as subcontracts, and for professional services such as design as below. It is frequently used as a subcontract to the PSC for design work. This specific contract has been renamed the "Engineering and Construction Contract" which is the main contract used for any construction based project. Fascinating facts Like other engineers at the time, Victorian super-engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel was well-known for drawing up contracts along adversarial lines.

I believe it helped deliver the project. Designers are the most obvious party that fit into this category.

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For civil engineering the need for a formalized approach to contracts led the Institution of Civil Engineers to produce the ICE formalized set of conditions of contract.

NEC2 arrived two years later, in Inthis resulted in a consultative form of the New Engineering Contract form of contract. It now sits alongside a number of other contracts that together should mean that the NEC suite is suitable for what ever stage of a lifecycle the project is at and for any party within a project.

nec3 contract free download

Brunel died in It is frequently used as a subcontract to the PSC for design work.

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History of NEC