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Organizations, structures, processes, and outcomes, 9th edition.

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Kaur, Kawaljeet Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, The big-picture purpose of the present study was to create a document or tool that could inform organizations in India, where the safety of children especially girls is under threat; of methods, rules, and regulations This is very appropriate style for work involving serious safety risks such as working with machinery, and toxic substances or where large sums of 15 money are involved example, handling cash.

American Economic Review, 94 2— Miscellaneous expenses S. New York. Some leaders are more interested in the work to be done than the people they work with while others pay more attention to their relationship with subordinates than the job.

Maicibi, N. These schools are found in three different geographical locations; highlands, plateaus and low lands.

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It has 13 rural woredas and three cities administrative. His study concluded that the performance of teachers is better in those schools where principals are having autocratic leadership styles as compared to those schools where Principals are having democratic style of leadership. Leadership and the study of this phenomenon have roots in the beginning of civilization, on employees work, work environment and motivation. Personnel cost No Title Purpose No. If effort is costly for an employee, ignoring effort can bias the estimated effect of job performance, because effort should increase job performance. Then, the draft questionnaires will be dispatched to 1 principal, 1 student council, 1 supervisor, 1 PTA, 1 vice principal and 5 teachers. It is important to include all the 39 governmental secondary schools in West Arsi Zone in the Study area to obtain relevant information. It is found at km south of Addis Ababa on the main road of Hawassa and Moyale. Hence, some of them seem to find it difficult to effectively administer their schools Gronn, ; Adeyemi, Path-goal Theory of Leadership. It was the most commonly used leadership style by principals in the schools.

Involvement in decision-making is a typical characteristic of participatory type of leadership. Second, it helps principals to develop new knowledge, theories, methodologies and skills about leadership styles; so that they use the right leadership style at right condition.

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Healthfield, S. The collected through close-ended questionnaires will be analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statistics measurement of central tendency such as mean, frequency tables and percentage. Very few schools utilize advanced teaching methods to make History interesting to motivate the students to study this Bolman and Deal took the position that a successful leader must understand and integrate the sub-culture of the organization. Leadership is possibly the most important determinant of an effective learning-teaching environment Kelley, In order to select the target schools from the total 39 secondary schools of West Arsi Zone, the researcher will take 6 secondary schools using multi-stage random sampling technique. Leadership Styles. School Leadership and Instructional Improvement. Hersey, P. Second, it helps principals to develop new knowledge, theories, methodologies and skills about leadership styles; so that they use the right leadership style at right condition. Nanson, P. This is why currently; Ethiopian government made the 4 education sector its agenda and going to ensure education quality at any level. A leader cannot work alone; he must have people to influence, direct, carry along, sensitize and mobilize towards the achievement of the corporate goal. New York.

However, it was difficult to obtain support for the view that motivation has a significant effect on job performance. As a system it is increasingly required to respond and gear adequately to the development needs of society and country Teshome Yizengaw, Education in Ethiopia is also an instrument for effective national development.

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Management Concepts and Practices.

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