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This has taught me a range of skills including… Finally, the student closely associates their extra curricular activity with their interests in Mathematics.

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T History[ edit ] The forum was created in around under the name "UK Learning" as a site for students at university to talk to each other. What has impacted on your decision to study your chosen course? This student speaks about their plans for university, as well as aspirations for the future. Use examples from as many parts of your life as possible. This is your opening statement. Computer Science Personal Statement My three major interests and passions are Computer Science, Maths and Music, and I believe that there is a creative fusion between all these disciplines. The remainder of the site was a vBulletin -based discussion forum, most of the content of which was derived from usenet posts to which users of the forum could respond through the forum rather than via a usenet client, which enabled the site to rapidly build content and thus search engine driven traffic while having only a small user base. How have you coped with balancing your workload?

And on competitive courses it could very well be the deciding factor in you getting offered a place or not. I was previously involved in Young Enterprise as Finance Manager. Instead, use the examples to see what kind of language or structure other people who've applied for similar degrees have used.

For paying members, when this was such a thing, there was a hidden section consisting of around two hundred arcade games and competition league tables, as well as a secret sub-forum.

Seeing naturally dull rock split open to reveal a myriad of vibrant crystals posed many questions: where had this discovery been made and, more intriguingly, how had it formed?

This recognises the company as being in the top 3 most innovative and fastest growing Edtech companies in Europe.

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The student outlines their achievements in relation to others, while demonstrating their dedication to academia. My statistical skills have been further enhanced whilst studying Biology through the use of equations such as standard deviation. Have you trained people in a sport?

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