An analysis of the success of the aztec maya and inca empires

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The Spanish had a total of solders and the Inca army totaled to about men. They erected temples and pyramids which were the venues from where the priests performed the religious duties Kubesh et al, The Maya societies pride themselves in accomplishment of various ends.

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However, they lacked centralized state governance and in its place had theatre states hence failed to achieve political unification in the period Demarest, This however was common in the southern parts of the empire Cremin, Their accomplishment included; high levels of advancements in science and Mathematics whereby they developed a number system that was more advanced than any cultures at the time. There were significant decline in the demographic trends of the Incas population. Small pox eradicated a considerable amount of people in the Incas regions of Andes which caused devastating effects on the lives of the people reducing them to about a third. The Aztec pattern of urban life depicted high levels of advancement featuring impressive roads, canals, aqueducts, temples as well as extensive commerce and a middle class of professional traders who ensured supply of goods to the society. Further, fine artistic work was demonstrated through design of beautiful jewels which were made using gold, feathers etc Kubesh et al, Evidence of climate change has also been established in most regions that were occupied by the Maya which may have heavily impacted on the farm productivity. The Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations were a few of the greatest ancient civilizations in history, but they each had distinct characteristics that helped them prosper into the great empires that they became. The Incas society also developed highly skilled constructions of houses without mortar by keeping the stones tightly together such that some of the erected buildings still stand today Kubesh et al, pg All of these civilizations have impacted the world today. This gave them a general feeling of weakness yet they lacked a means of response since they did not have any governing authority to lead them into recovery process.

Conclusion From our above case studies, it is evident that collapse of civilizations has taken place in the past and is likely to take place in the future if societies do not take the necessary measures to protect their cultures. The Incas had created terrace farming to create better and a larger amount of crops.

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Their capital was the city called Tenochtitlan. Further, civil warfare and foreign invasion evident in the society facilitated its collapse.

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The initial contact with Europeans is believed to have resulted in rampant disease spread that affected the members of the Incas population.

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Essay on The Fall of the Aztec and Inca Empires