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Similar conflicts erupted during the s in Boston and other parts of New England. Religious Ideals and the Flourishing of Pupils By learning from religious ideals pupils are invited to reflect on the values they take for granted, either because they are unthinkingly adopted from their parents or because they prevail in mainstream society.

Most religious parents will receive this conclusion with enthusiasm, for religious ideals are of considerable importance for believers; for some, religious ideals in the strict sense are at the core of their identity.

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Earlier we gave several examples of the positive influence of religious ideals on public life or society, like being just, caring, humble and temperate and an ideal society in which everyone is equal because everyone is equal before God. First, it gives them the potential to function as bridges between persons and their community and those who have attachments to different communities.

We will not be very practical or concrete in this section, but we can say something in general about the approach and aim of the inclusion of religious ideal in public schools. Consider how many deeply religious persons feel profoundly uncomfortable with the manner in which pluralism appears to govern public life.

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Second, while the value of ideals can be discussed see for instance Noddings or their importance can be scrutinized, they do not lend themselves to an examination of the epistemological basis or truth claims of religious beliefs in public schools as some propose see Rosenblith ; Rosenblith and Priestman Similar conflicts erupted during the s in Boston and other parts of New England. By asking the student, Mr. But it is not always easy to determine exactly what constitutes indoctrination or school sponsorship of religious activities. Not every personal interpretation will be recognised as a version of the communal religious ideal. Though sometimes expressed differently religious ideals may nevertheless extend the language of reasonable pluralism in useful ways. A public school curriculum may not be devotional or doctrinal. By asking the mother, Mr. They primarily consist of religious ideals in the strict sense, i. Pluralism in western societies is a fact, which can be lamented or applauded, but it is the situation in which people in Western societies live. What happens when a student responds to a secular assignment with religious expression? If someone knows what is best, that person is able to evaluate current as well as future or alternative practices against these supreme standards. It is both more principled and strategically wiser to invite advocates of such views to the conversational table. Religious Ideals and Citizenship of a Liberal Democracy We have described three types of relation between religious ideals and those of a liberal democracy and will now discuss the way in which public schools can address religious ideals that are complementary to, neutral, or opposite to, the ideal of reasonable pluralism.

Because some religious groups operate on the force of these convictions in their attempts to convert others, including the use of political power to impose those convictions, it is argued that allowing reference to religious ideals in the public and particularly the political domain undermines the existence of a peaceful pluralistic society.

Others have addressed the question of whether or not religious education and civic education are compatible see Gutmann ; Macedoand, if they are, what sort of virtues religious schools promote see Callan ; Spinner-Halev ; Gardner et al.

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Religion in Public School Curriculum